What Exactly is LIVEreel ?

This is really a cloud based software that turns virtually any pre-recorded video or video in the computer to some live video on 15 media internet sites mechanically…

…and additionally automatically manages involvement, responses to comments and sends private messages to people who engage on your own LIVE videos.

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Live Videos Get 300% MORE Traffic & Sales Than Any Other Video!

Google & Facebook ranks live videos high on news and searches feeds than any other content!
Live videos on face book possess 148% higher organic advantage compared to any different content.
80% of individuals would rather see live media than see a weblog.
78% of online audiences are already watching media on face-book Live at this time!
Facebook & Other internet sites sends your fans a telling as soon as you go live.
YouTube, face book & most other internet sites put your LIVE media ontop…always!

Cheat Your Way To
Infinite FREE Traffic, With Our Break Through Push-button LIVE Video Computer Software!

Listen, your buyers are spending 3x more hours watching live-streamed content compared to ordinary videos or viewing boring articles and blog articles.

In reality, face-book Live videos getup to 10x more engagement than videos that are regular. Often, LIVE videos outside function paid adverts as well.

And an average audience spends about 2.8 minute watching routine media on mobile but over 3.5 moments when watching a live videos on mobile. Normal time spent watching routine videos onto a desktop is 2.6 minutes vs 34.5 seconds for LIVE videos.

However, doing live videos isn't for all…

…and if you are tired of getting left out with regards to call home media, then it is the right time to…
Do LIVE Videos,
Even If You Aren't Actually"LIVE" On All…

It's not necessary to maintain your phone or computer on.

LiveReel live broadcasts from the cloud, and that means that you are able to flow or live-cast any your chosen videos-even if you're fast asleep and sometimes even when you're at the center of an energy cut.

If LIVE Videos Are Awesome, Why Isn't Everyone Doing Them?

IT'S SCARY — heading live can be nerve-wracking, particularly when something goes wrong

IT'S INCONVENIENT — you need to be awake at bizarre times to Attain your audience

IT'S HARD — responding to comments while maintaining focused on your content and looking at the camera (it's catchy, even for the specialists )

Turn Any Prerecorded Video

Into a LIVE Video & Watch Your Traffic & Engagement Proceed NUTS!

LiveReel allows you to"livestream" your chosen videos to exploit the traffic-getting, engaging ability of LIVE VIDEOS…

… without the stress of "going live."

NO fear — with pre-recorded videos means you do not be concerned about screwing up live on camera.
NO hassles — livestream to your crowd on autopilot and respond to opinions, even though you are busy or fast asleep.

100 percent Cloud According

There's nothing to download or install or configure. Only log in to your LiveReel accounts and begin cranking traffic out getting live video streams in seconds from now. There is absolutely no need to maintain your pc or call running. LiveReel live broadcasts from the cloud, which means that you are able to stream live videos even though you should be fast asleep, or at the middle of a power cut!

Established & Ever Green Product

With over 100s beta testers and two months ahead of research and development, LiveReel is just a proven, fail proof way to crank-out live video streams, even if you are sleeping, or simply busy doing other stuff.

Do LIVE Videos Without Stress!

No further stressing about hooking up survive camera. Stream eloquent performances, speechesand training sessions or news updates without any fumbling, mumbling or awkward silences.
Want to Live stream for real?

Not a issue. Simply log in to LiveReel and hit the flow button and then boom, you are live… wherever you're on earth!

LiveReel automatically syncs your Live stream to 15 major livestreaming platforms, so bringing you 15x more traffic and exposure from day one.

Engage Viewers With Automatic squint Replies

Carefully react to viewer's opinions with prewritten messages. Turn commenters to cash by mechanically messaging them with more information on your products or services… or simply shut down unwanted feedback immediately.

You can also confidential message anyone who leaves a comment on your own live-stream — associate to those who're already engaged in your message!
Protect Your Standing

Use automatic filters to moderate comments. Maintain spammers and jerks from your own live media broadcasting and shield your standing on autopilot. Nothing beats ensuring your live media is positive, and there are no spammers taking away your thunder.

Use media frames, lower thirds, multi lingual captions and desktop to turn average livestreams into engaging shows that people can't peel away out of. In fact, now you can utilize the exact same prerecorded video multiple times by adding a small spin to it leveraging the live video streaming to get ranked on Google, YouTube and face book.
See Which LIVE Video Is Pulling The Very Best Traffic, Leads & Sales

Utilize simple A/B split up testing in your LiveReel dashboard to view which Live stream is bringing from the many views, traffic and comments to your offers. Easily determine what sort of videos that your audience participates together with most and shares them most…then once you have this data, repeat and scale your own efforts.
Privately Get in Touch with Your LIVE Video Viewers For Give Aways & Establish a Listing Too!

Use the Facebook Messenger feature to automatically get in touch with all your viewers/commenters via private message to talk about your special giveaway, voucher, and deals or even to survey them. Also, build a concentrated list of everyone you have typed and reach out to them future. This really may be the ideal method to increase your traffic and sales, especially if you should be doing e commerce.
Schedule Your Pre Recorded Videos & Golive Even When You Are Sleeping

With LIVEreel, you don't absolutely need to be on your own notebook or phone or computer to actually go live. Only upload your pre-recorded media or some other video, select the time and date to select live and schedule. LIVEreel is going to do every thing for you personally.
Broadcast & Go Live For Your Own Site & Blogs!

Want to draw more audience out of your own landing pages, websites, ecommerce websites or blogs? With LIVEreel, only copy-paste a small bit of code on to a website or site and instantly go on your own website and convert all traffic into sales!
And Lastly! Move LIVE On Multiple Accounts at the Same Time!

Want to perform some live video on 2 of your YouTube channels or 3 your Facebook fan-pages at once? Together with LIVEreel it is easy to do this now. Simple select most of the social accounts you wish to complete live video on and hit go!

Utilize LiveReel To Reclaim Your Traffic & Sales For Any Type Of Business…

Local entrepreneurs

Conduct livestreams for realestate representatives, lawyers and any other firm that's information to share with you!

Marketing Agencies

Open up a brand-new service to your clients, with live streaming that is easy, fun and profitable


Dominate Facebook ads with cheaper ad costs from the livestreams, and far higher engagement than ever before

Social Networking Advertisers

Stand out from the noise with attention catching, engaging live-streams that social media users crave!

E-com Storeowners

Research proves that people are 4x more likely to buy from an internet shop after seeing video!


Conduct FAQ's on a item, do presentations, provide a free live class and much more to rake traffic and also presell your affiliate supplies like crazy!

Product Creators

Pull of engaging pre-launch articles, live launching events, live support events and much more!

Could You Afford to Remain STUCK In The Dark Ages Of Online Marketing?

Every single day, you are competing with millions of marketers on face book, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more.

Advertising is overly costly… and overly complicated.

Creating regular articles only doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

Even your awesome videos are becoming buried in the noise.

The entire world is changing fast… and when you are not changing with it… you're likely to be choking on dust at the rear-view mirror.

Live-streaming can be your golden chance to get ahead of the contest, be noticeable from the noise, and catch people's attention like never before.

It's your opportunity to acquire a truly unfair advantage from YouTube, Google, Facebook and the others, who provide livestreams more traffic than additional content.

Question is… would you really want to exploit this breakthrough technology to get more information, lead and sales, or standby and watch as the others have all of the fun?