It goes without saying that in the event that you'd like to create money on kindle, you want to research your contest. It's pretty cool that now you can get applications to do a number of the work!

Can Kindle Spy assist you along with your novel research that is kindle?

Creator: Wesley Atkins
Price: $ 4-7
Overall standing: 95/100
More Details:
Mini Review: This really is an exceptional tool for assisting you to will find low-competition niches & key words for the next ebook — as well as SPY in your competition! It is simple to use and crucial for study!

If you're trying to succeed in online, this could be your secret weapon.

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Kindle Spy — Find Your Specialty

Just like having a niche site, you will need to select your ebook market sensibly.

If you put out a publication where no one is buying in this area you will not receive any earnings also it'll soon be a waste of your energy!

Similarly, release a novel in a niche that swamped and can be competitive, you're going to struggle.

Possessing decent software to help you explore the market, turns a thing that feels as though a chore that is giant, in to something enjoyable and simple.

The best piece about Kindle Spy: you have to snoop in the competition and see exactly how many books they are selling and the amount of money they're earning out of their books.

I was continuously shocked when I started using this particular software — because I didn't expect you'll see writers making money!

On the other hand, many novels are currently bringing in zero profit, so that it really pays to do your own research — this program saves hours!

Just how do you utilize spy?

Kindle spy is still a really neat little bit of software that stays on your own toolbar and is readily accessible.

There are many different methods that you may utilize non-toxic spy to receive data, however I tend to use it most in the following few manners…

1) to find data concerning the best sellers in a specific niche.

By way of instance, I'd goto the "romance" department, then to "best sellers." I'd click on my kindle spy and it starts to pull up data.
Kindle spy romance

The essential data you will want to appear at is…

Sales rank

Estimated earnings, (for the past 30 days)


Estimated sales

At the base of your kindle spy, there is a traffic lighting system that will give positions income potential and just how competitive the niche is.

Thus, we can see in the above mentioned example, (have a look at the green arrows) that love is both popular and has good earning potential, (two green lights revealing) but it is also highly competitive, (red light).

By checking out the best sellers in certain niches, you can get an Notion of what's selling —

What are the titles like?

Are there any recurring themes that are selling more?

What's the sales status in Amazon for sellers within this particular niche?

Reviews would the sellers possess?

We will have the ability to weigh whether it would be worth our time.

Lets say we're taking a look at a remarkably popular niche. The top writers could possibly be making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

But, even though we conclude that there's very little chance we could compete in a niche at the moment we may choose to choose it any way if we have a great marketing strategy for our book.

If you click on the "word cloud" tag at the top righthand side of this app, it also lists some essential words which are coming regularly and this can give you a few thoughts about what potential topics and keywords to target.

Kindle spy word blur

2) Another way I love to use kindle spy is always to actually spy particular writers.

It is possible to check which of the books are making the money and learn something out of this data why are books that are certain more famous than others?

Is a specific topic making sales? Are definite key words making earnings? …and so on!

Kindle spy chilldrens publication author

In the aforementioned example, I am taking a look at a special children's book author.

Because you can observe, (at the section I Have emphasized yellow) one main novels there is certainly making the majority of her sales.

The publication in question is in fact about valentines day — As it's currently late January, it can be it has proximity to Valentines day that accounts for all those sales in the last 1 month.

This could tell me writing novels around certain times annually, (Halloween, Easter, Christmas and so on…) could possibly be very profitable in the youngsters ' book niche.

Her second most profitable novel is all about a princess, so maybe I'd like to really go out other princess related novels and find out how they are doing too…. You get the idea!

3) I use it to take a look at a certain keyword that I'm thinking of targeting.

For example, say I'm thinking of writing a novel regarding the ketogenic diet. I can specifically search for this key word over the kindle spy tool…

Kindle Spy hunt

As I can tell from the above search that ketogenic diet only has a medium level of rivalry, (yellow circle) I could search to dig deeper using that keyword…

Kindle spy ketogenic diet recipes

Looking farther, I will note it is a keyword with a medium level of fame, potential and competition across the board, (see the 3 yellow circles in the bottom of the kindle spy window).

Since I'm probably searching for a higher level of fame and potential, I may opt to target a different key word.

Although, it is possible to view from a few of the titles they're selling a great amount reviews.

1 publication that has made more than6,000 in revenue has 17 reviews and thus you might decide to dig farther from here into the author profile.

You could check the within the publication and check the novel length, to be able to find out if it's a niche.

PROS Compared to CONS


User friendly: Kindle spy is remarkably simple to use, you can get data very fast and economically plus it really makes researching niches fun and simple to accomplish.

Spy on your competitors: It's an excellent in order to spy on different authors and really get a feel for what sort of novels could be profitable and worth targeting.

Multidimensional tool: There are lots of methods and thus it's not a one dimensional tool, there's a variety of data you can analyse.

Accessibility/Ease of usage: Kindle spy is accessible, because it sits neatly on your toolbar, so there's really a great ease of use.

Amazing Value it has incredibly good value — considering the sum it's an excellent tool. (Get Going Here!)


Minor Learning Curve: The program requires a little getting used to initially — at first I'd have to click for data in segments where there wasn't any data out there. I got used to it quickly.

Occasionally No Statistics: Infrequently, it may also extract no data when it have to do for me, usually appearing out of the program or blank the web page and starting over can help.

Making sure you watch the spy video that is kindle initially and you'll have no issues.

Check the video below for a brief summary…

Kindle Spy is an absolute must have tool for anyone wanting to get into self-publishing on kindle.

It has been a breeze to use provides you with plenty of data at the click of a button and also is fantastic value too.

It's going to save you a ridiculous amount of time researching niches and reevaluate competition and, there will be a bonus, it's really enjoyable to use.

You may well wind up spending hours about it, just because it's intriguing to learn what markets are selling and snooping about what several of those successful authors are now making!

Eventually, using Kindle Spy ill give you the very best potential for selling your books and you will have a massive advantage over your rivals.

If you're thinking of becoming in to Kindle publishing, or have started, I strongly advise that you test this out.