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The Easy Approach To Getting More Feedback Added For Your List Seamlessly While Saving Time and Money By Tapping Into Face-book's Most Current Ad Tech Along With The Most Current State-of-the-Art Automation!

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Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Date Of Intro: 2015-12-04
Time Of Intro 10:00 EDT
Niche: Face-book Marketing
Re Fund: 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

More Details:
Candles: Yes, Special $4682 Bonuses

Level of skill Needed: All Degrees

Who's The Creator Of Connect hindsight?

Wilco d e is the person behind Connect Leads. He even made his huge success being an internet marketer which he was doing regular since 2006.

For five years, he was selected as one of the greatest affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind most powerful internet marketing programs and programs like ZoSocial, VideoSkin, Viral opt-ins, UpViral, ChatLinks along with also others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Connect Leads?

Face book recently introduced Lead Advertisements, allowing all to collect email readers on Facebook with only an individual tab. Lead generation on face book never been easier!

"I'm averaging an expense of $.45 per enrollment, and it is a bit more than half of what I was getting earlier!"
Jon Loomer, Facebook expert

Face book even pre-fills information like job titles, company names, relationship statuses and more, making the leads considerably more valuable than before.

There's Only One issue:

You can not connect Facebook Lead Ads into your auto responders — making the feature virtually worthless.

Together with ConnectLeads, you will:

Save a lot of hours .

Skyrocket your own ROI when slashing lead expenses.

Increase profit whilst boosting productivity.

So, What Is Connect Leads?

ConnectLeads automatically submits all leads realtime to any auto-responder — making this tool every face book advertiser & business owner is awaiting.

Connect Leads:

It hastens email readers from WITHIN the Facebook news-feed, directly in to your own toaster!

Individuals only need to click on your message… there is no TYPING required!

Face Book will then automatically pre-fill all of their data (their name, email, relationship status, etc etc)

They DON'T have to experience some"Facebook app authorization" or some of the stuff.

It works perfectly in all the Facebook mobile apps (iOS, Android, and so forth ).

What this program does is unthinkable.

You can begin collecting promoting and leads services and products right inside Facebooks news-feed, this will be taking social marketing to the very next degree.

And best of all… it's 100% face book approved (face-book by hand vetted the whole application before going live).

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